Cultural Appropriation: What It Is & How To Avoid It

Writing the Other
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Most writers want to avoid Cultural Appropriation but worry that they don’t fully understand what it is or how to ensure their work does not include it. They wonder what the difference is between appropriation and exchange or between appropriation and influence. And they hope avoiding cultural appropriation doesn’t mean only writing stories about people from their same race, culture, or ethnic group.

In this webinar, authors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford will offer concrete answers to those questions and a set of resources to help authors navigate these tricky waters. The webinar includes a lecture and a video answering frequently asked questions.

The webinar is appropriate for all writers (fiction, plays, comics, screenplays, and games included) from all backgrounds and any skill level.

Artists, musicians, choreographers, and other creatives may also find this webinar of use, though the lectures are writing-focused.  

This online seminar is not only for white writers, or cis writers, or men, it is for any writer who wants to take steps toward writing more inclusive, representational fiction.

Accessibility: Both videos include closed captions, the resources are in a PDF, and transcripts of are available to download.

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• a 1 hour FAQ video
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